Wednesday, 9 September 2015

AFL Grand Final 2016 Packages

People are excited to watch the ALF Grand final 2015 and are hunting for the AFL Grand Final Packages. But to let you know, the entry to the ALF grand finale is strictly reserved and has very strict rules and regulations. There are certain norms and rules which need to be followed to obtain the AFL Grand Final Packages and your ticket for the event.

AFL Grand Final Packages

As the AFL grand finale is a declared event by the Victorian government, the major sporting events act 2009 applies for this event.  If you are among the one listed below, then you can easily obtain a seat for the AFL Grand Final:
·        If you’re an AFL member
·        If you’re an MCC full member
·        If you’re an club member of the competing teams
·        If you’ve got a ticket through club sponsor or ALF
·        If you’re the winner of the various competitions or promotional events that usually take place during the tournament.

     AFL Grand Final Packages

In case you do not fall in any of the category mentioned above, then the last way is to purchase the corporate AFL Grand Final Packages that are available. You can get all the information regarding these packages on the official website of the ALF 2015. It is very important to ensure that you purchase the AFL Grand Final Packages from a registered and official channel only. Any packages purchased through other mediums will only be a money waster for you, as they cannot provide you access to the games. So choose wisely, before you splurge your money for the final show.


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